Community Spirit

Environmental education is vital if we are to make enough changes in the way we live to reduce the current rate of environmental damage and destruction of forest and wildlife habitat.

With better education about the value of natural forest we can help to protect and regenerate forests, restoring the ecosystem while considering the economics, politics and culture of an area. It's important that local communities take on the responsibility and reap the reward of forest restoration.
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"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children"
- Native American Indian Proverb

Nurturing Nature!

The worlds forests need to be seen for the amazing resource they are, they store carbon, support life which cleans the atmosphere and feeds it with moisture and act as a natural thermostat regulating our climate.

But forests are often only valued for the land and timber they contain and are being decimated by short sighted governments, multi nationals and land owners at the alarming rate of 222 rai every minute of every day and this forest burning has become the second largest global emitter of harmful CO2 gases.
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"It seems to me that the central issue in this whole debate is how we put a true value on standing rainforests to the world community - we simply have to find ways of putting a price on them which makes them more valuable alive than dead."
- Prince Charles UK

Wildlife in Thailand field guide