Khao Nor Forest map

Khao Nor Chuchi
tropical lowland forest


APE is based in Khao Nor Chuchi tropical lowland forest situated in Khoa Pra-Bang Khram National Reserve Forest and Khao Pra-Brag Khram Wildlife Sanctuary in Krabi.

Krabi is a province in the south west of Thailand, it covers about 4709 sq km and is situated apx 800 km from the capital, Bangkok. It is made up of eight provinces, Ao Luk, Koh Lanta, Kong Pon, Khao Phanom, Klong Thom, Neua Klong, Plai Praya and Muang.

Environment & Wildlife
Khao Nor Chuchi forest is situated in Ban Bang Tyew village, many of the village elders claim to have grown up hearing the song of gibbons in the forest and seeing stump tail macaque and other species but in recent years these have all disappeared. It is an area of outstanding natural beauty which attracts tourists from all over the world.

Krabi has the last remaining areas of lowland forest in Thailand, these richly diverse areas are home to several endangered and threatened species such as Dog bears and Gurney's Pitta. Khao Nor Chuchi is home to the last remaining Gurney's Pitta birds in Thailand, it's population according to the IUCN redlist has declined from 44 or 45 pairs in 1986 to 9 pairs in 1997. Elsewhere in the world it is only found at 4 sites in Myanmar. It is vital that this bird's last remaining Thai habitat is protected from the encroaching illegal land clearing by locals and influential figures to prevent it becoming extinct. It is also important that the reforestation efforts being carried out in the area continue to allow reintroduction of native animals and complete the forest's natural ecosystem. At specific risk are the trees with large seeds which require the larger fruit eating mammals, such as gibbons, for seed distribution.