Forest clearing makes way for plantation

FORRU staff replant trees with local children

What we do…

APE was started in 2010, by a Thai and British group of conservation workers and volunteers who come from biology, forestry, design and teaching backgrounds. It is a response to all the animals we have worked with and the environments we have worked in, on conservation projects around the world, that are disappering or endangered because of humanity's short-sighted and misguided behaviour. APE is born of our shared urgency to prevent deforestation of the few remaining areas of primary forest, restore land cleared areas and protect wildlife in Thailand.

We have a strong education base because we believe that the more people we can inform and inspire, the greater hope there is of protecting the existing forest and making changes to the way we live. To prevent further destruction of forest and natural areas requires all communities, local and global, to make some changes their attitudes and lifestyles. APE will help educate and inspire people to make those changes, so they see that the forest is worth more in it's natural state than the short term gains of land clearing for plantations or timber. This also means we must offer alternative incomes and resources from ideas, projects or social initiatives.

APE supports local reforestation efforts, planting helps to rebalance the ecosystem and increase wildlife habitat but there are still many wildlife problems that humanity has directly and indirectly created which APE helps to resolve. We also encourage research into the ecosystem, plants, animals, birds and insects which provides valuable data and helps us learn more about all we have to loose if destruction of the rainforest continues.

APE currently works with the government Forest Protection Unit in Krabi, FORRU Plant Station Krabi, FORRU forest restoration program in Chiang Mai and a community agroforestry project run by Krabi conservationist Mr Somboon. We are always delighted to meet and learn from people so please contact us if you would like more information or to offer help.

Learn more...

There is a whole lot of information out there if you are interested. We also hope you will also check out our contacts section for links to more extensive reading material on palm oil, agroforestry in Thailand, wildlife, other organisation and much more.

Can you help?

Please contact us if you would like more information or to work with us, currently we are building a field guide of native Thai species, please take a look and if you would like to contribute please get in touch with us at: info@a-p-e.org.