the emerald pool
the emerald pool
eco tours to the regrown forest
tours to the regrown forest

Sustainable eco-tourism

APE are working with FORRU, BCST and RSPB to provide sustainable funding for a local forest restoration tree nursery. Previously tours were visiting the hot springs, just a few km from the tree nursery, but for a small contribution they can now incorporate a visit to the plant station. Here tourists can learn about how a healthy secondary forest is rebuilt from barren landscape in 6 years. They can also learn about native wildlife and sponsor trees to protect the environment for years to come.

Tourism is the main industry in Krabi, with these new elements we are hoping to develop more sustainable tourism in the area. Tour groups and tourists learning about and directly contributing to the conservation of areas they visit.

When the current tree nursery tours project is complete, APE aim to roll out similar schemes with other conservation groups helping to protect Krabiís outstanding natural beauty and supporting the local economy by ensuring tourists continue visiting the area for years to come.

A word of caution:

Eco-tours in Thailand are often not at all 'eco'. We have had many comments from people who went on 'eco-tours' and saw monkey shows, birds in cramped cages, drugged tigers and parading elephants. There are some ethical eco-tour companies in Thailand but many are not, so wherever you go on your stay here please do check that the animals and environment are respected on any tours you participate in.