Kids replanting forest

Learning for a brighter future

Education is vital to the success of any long term conservation programme, because it is ultimately our children who will grow up to take responsibility for, and make the decisions concerning their environment in the future. It is they who will have to repair the damage that we have done already and continue to do.

APE work with experts from various organisations including FORRU CMU, RSPB, OBC and BCST to provide a wide ranging local education programme that involves many different aspects from reforestation workshops, classes in local schools, a natural history documentary library, a nursery programme in local schools and an after-school nature club.

Education sessions are run with groups of up to 35 Children. Younger children have highly interactive and activity based lessons and with older children we try present and collect information with them and then encourage debate and environmental strategies.

We run 2 different school environmental education programmes, the first gives children the chance to begin an ongoing conservation project at school by building a small tree nursery within the school grounds. The second environmental impact project is a based around a basic ecological study and an environmental poster campaign. It is down to the individual school to decide which is most suited to their needs and facilities. Both programmes include some classroom based learning in which we include some basic English and some outside activities.

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