Working together

APE believes it is impossible to protect the environment without taking into account and supporting local communities. If shown how important a resource their environment is and that it is not infinite, people come to respect and treasure the areas they live in. This is why education is vital to any conservation effort.

Education with young people is particularly important, as it is the children in years to come who will inherit the problems that we have caused. It is they who will ultimately define what happens in any given area in the future, and so it is essential that they understand the true value of their rivers, forests and oceans.

If APE advises people not to destroy local forest, we need to offer them suitable alternatives. This can take many forms but some examples are eco-tourism, sustainable farming and hand made low impact crafts.

The people of Thailand are starting to realise that they need to take care of their world - something that the west were too slow to do. Recently there has been large scale flooding in Thailand, with the south particularly badly affected. In Krabi there were landslides on cultivated land resulting in villages being crushed and many people dying.

The importance of community...

  • If not offered alternative sources of income local populations will continue to over-exploit natural resources to the point where the ecosystem cannot recover.
  • If the needs of the community are opposed to the needs of conservation it is very tough to make any real progress for the environment.
  • Any ecosystem is an intricate web, and like it or not humans are a part of it. If we cannot learn to utilise our environment without destroying it then there is little hope for the future.
  • The children are the future. It is they who will be making the difficult decisions in years to come.

Local school children gather for a photo at a reforestation workshop


Local education community project

Local education programme

APE have introduced education and tree planting to tours visiting Krabi's emerald pool and hot springs. A percentage of the profit from these tours now goes directly back into funding community and reforestation projects.
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Eco-tourism community project in Thailand


APE are working with various organisations to include a conservation stop on Krabi's existing emerald pool and hot springs day tours. Some proceeds from these tours will then go back into funding community and reforestation projects.
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