School kids replanting trees in Khao Nor Chuchi forest

Can you help?

Donate a monthly amount of money to the FORRU Plant Station and be a part of the reforestation efforts in Thailand. 100% of the money you donate is used for staff wages and running costs.

Rebuilding Krabi's Forest

Situated in Khao Nor Chuchi National Park in Krabi, the Plant Station is a well established forest restoration project, set up 6 years ago by Chiang Mai University's Forest Restoration Research Unit (FORRU), OBC, BCST and RSPB with money awarded from the Darwin Foundation.

FORRU CMU’s aim is to promote biodiversity recovery and train local people on how to restore tropical forest to cleared areas. Land clearing continues in Thailand's national parks despite being illegal and is most commonly undertaken to create or expand monoculture plantations of rubber and palm oil which are single foreign species and therefore of little value to many animals within the ecosystem.

Krabi Plant Station has 3 dedicated and skilled members of Thai staff trained by FORRU Chiang Mai, RSPB and OBC. The team collects seeds from indigenous plants and trees within the forest, cultivates them at the Plant Station and then uses them to reforest land cleared areas within the national park. They do continued weeding and fire protection of these planted areas for several years. The Plant Station also runs a research and data collection program and frequently holds education and planting sessions with local school children and the community.

At APE we believe the reforestation work of the plant station is priceless to local and global communities. The staff have valuable knowledge which should continue to be passed on to others within the community. However due to international funding expiring the Plant Station needs to generate its own income. APE are working with BCST, RSPB, FORRU CMU and the Plant Station staff to help acquire this funding and keep it educating and reforesting into the future. We believe the most sustainable long term future for the Krabi Plant Station and other similar community projects is for it to become funded from within the community and though environmentally conscientious ecotourism.

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