World Environement Day 2012 team Sony film crew at FORRU tree nursery

Jun 5, 2012
APE World Environment Day

World Environment Day 2012 was celebrated by APE with a community tree planting and roadside clean & recycle effort. Thailand has seen terrible flooding and landslides in the last few years, we are reminded of this as we move into rainy season, in part it has been due to the loss of forests to absorb rain waters. We hope that by planting more trees we can help the situation, this means we are not only planting in deforested areas or habitat corridors, it means planting trees wherever there is space. Normally APE, FORRU and Projects Abroad volunteers are hidden away so it was nice to be out on the roadside in the community and our presence caused a bit of excitement in this quiet Thai village. About 60 people turned out to help including children from the local school (big thanks to them for coming on a school Buddhist holiday), the local council and our faithful Projects Abroad volunteers. We planted about 400 trees including Cashew nut and Tamarind, all of the species planted produce food or can be used in herbal medicine, what better way to encourage locals to plant for wildlife than by reminding them of the delicious produce we can get from trees. For lunch we all enjoyed food that can be grown in Thai gardens or sustainably harvested including bamboo and leaf in coconut sauce.

It was a great day which included all the usual shenanigans, children pushing each other into ditches, volunteers getting covered in sweat & mud and of course some rain! We were also joined by the Sony film crew who are following Projects Abroad Thailand this week. Thanks to all the people who turned up and got involved it was a great day and we look forward to doing it all again another time.