Sven with children from the local school Building part of a recycle collection area from bottles collected from beach cleans

Jul 6, 2012
Recycle for Education

Provide local recycling facilities, promote reduce, repair & reuse ideas AND generate income for local schools.

Recycle for Education is a joint project with Sven Baumgärtel from Has Den Bosch University Holland, APE (Association for protection of the Environment) and volunteers from Projects Abroad.

Local waste in Khao Nor Chuchi, Thailand is usually burnt or taken to local landfill, government recycling facilities are not available. Many recyclable materials are disposed in this way polluting the environment and increasing demand on natural resources to make new products.

We are working together to increase the accessibility of recycling within the Khao Nor Chuchi area.

The project we have developed in conjunction with a local school is to set up recycling collection centres at schools in the area. The school will maintain the facilities and in return can use the income from selling recyclables to provide much needed funds to improve educational facilities and develop sustainability projects providing food for student's lunches.

We will have a launch workshop and produce and will produce and trial educational materials on environmental issues and waste. Workshops and lessons will include topics on what 'happens to waste' and making 'something from trash'.

But we don't want to stop there, we know that recycling isn't the best long term solution so we want to promote reduce, repair and reuse. We are going the extra step and are building the recycling centre from old plastic bottles, showcasing a great reuse idea. Lets hope that this creates a few more eco buildings in the area, our test build has certainly generated a lot of local interest!

So it's win, win, win. The environment benefits, reduce, repair, reuse is promoted & showcased and local schools raise money for education and sustainability projects!

We are currently raising funds for this great project, if you want to learn more, follow or contribute to this project please take a look at ...