Mr Somboon Tongdoung

Mr Somboon Tongdoung:
Local Agroforestry group


Can you explain a little about your forestry projects please? What is its purpose? To replant the forest to make it as much the same as primary forest by collecting and gathering more than 180 kinds/speicies for example: plant structure, stable plant, seasonal veggie, herbal plant, etc to be the learning center and role model for the community.

What is the difference between your forest and primary forest? Very much alike with the forest, just the time waiting for them to grow more.

How much maintenance does your garden require every year compared to monoculture plantations? Seedling crop expense for preparing to plant and give away in the community around 15,000Baht, mostly use for maintenance. When the plants grow, the expense will reduce.

What knowledge have you gained from the community in order to build your productive forest and what do you think would happen if that ancient knowledge was forgotten? To share and pass on the local wisdom to the next generation so that they will learn to protect the nature, forest and biodiverse planting.

You have helped 11 people to develop agro forestry plots in the area. What does this require and how does it help the local area and people? To extend the idea of preserving the nature over the wider community and to hopefully change the way people grow here.

Do you think if people grew more on their land instead of having single crop plantations it would reduce deforestation?
Farming requires land of course, but we should not take so much land that we destroy the forest. We need both. We need balance.

What changes have you seen in Khlong Thom that have been an effect of deforestation? More heat, flash flood and rain out of season, the erosion of top soil, dryness in Klong Tom Nuea sub-district in spite of the fact that we are the main watershed area.

What do you see as the most urgent environmental issues in Krabi today? Building awareness to people in the community, love and cherish nature and environment more and more.

What are your hopes for Khlong Thom in the future? How would you like to see it change? Klong Tom has some of Thailand's most famous natural tourist attractions, though somehow we lack maintenance, information, and the ecotourism ideas for bringing giving back to nature rather than just taking away.