Mr Deechuson - local farmer

Mr Deechuson:
Local Khlong Thom farmer

What changes have you seen happen to the local forest and in Khlong Thom over the years? What are the benefits/negativities of this?
When the first Gurney's Pita project started it brought a road and much development. The road made forest accessible and it was easier to chop it down for plantation

When you were a child what animals lived in the forest that you feel are probably no longer living there? Many species used to be common in the forest when I was young, but most are gone now. We used to have Binturong, Mouse Deer and Gibbon. I recall the Mouse Deer used to be all around my house as a boy, but since the forest is gone they are gone too. I also remember many Porcupine, but they were hunted because they eat the rubber saplings. There were many Bulbul birds 20 years ago too but these were all caught with nets because people like to keep them as pets.

In recent years you seen more flooding and landslides due to deforestation, compared to the past? Yes, much more. A lot of landslides, erosion of soil, flash flooding compared to the past.

How much pesticide do you use now compared to in the past? When the plantation is young we use pesticide but we found that the rivers got poisoned, so we use it less now and since there are very few fresh plantations and most of the insects have already gone. We have found with older plantations that the soil becomes less fertile over time so we have to use fertilizer.