Mr Weeresak village elder

Mr Weerasak:
Head Villager of Khlong Tom Nuea

Are there many environmentally focused/conservation/community projects in Khlong Thom and what are they?
Yes, a watershed planting forest project, mangrove planting project.

What value does the forest in Khlong Thom have for local people?
They want to have a healthy forest, but they also want to be able to live and make money from their work.

What changes have you seen in Khlong Thom and this village since you were young? When I was young the whole area was covered in beautiful healthy forest. Now there is less forest, and also changes in the society structure, and the attitudes of local people.

In the past did you see as much flooding and landslides in Thailand as in recent years? In the past, we didn't really have flooding problem and no erosion of soil either. But these days, we are facing the problem of flash flooding, erosion of soil and landslides at KNC which covers many many rai.