Make a difference

People in the west consume far more resources and create far more pollution per capita than any developing countries. We have already stripped our land of it's resources and with the advent of globalization many western corporates are looking for new pastures to exploit. Often they are looking to the east.

CO2 emissions need to be reduced globally and dramatically if our planet is to remain as rich and diverse as it now is. The damage we do in the west far outweighs that in the developing world. APE believe that in order to keep our planet in good shape for future generations an effort needs to be made on all levels - a global scale as well as each individual doing his or her part.

This may be making a simple donation to a cause. It may be volunteering to do some hands-on work on the ground where it's needed most. It may be running a marathon for charity. It may be asking your boss whether they would like to offset some of the carbon generated by their business.

Think about what you can do to help...

  • Volunteer with us! Do you have any skills that you think may be useful to a conservation project? We need all the help we can get - from education, building, reforestation, and zoological research to fund raising.
  • Offset some carbon. If you or your organisation would like to offset some it's carbon footprint then get in touch with us about sponsoring a particular project.
  • Make a simple donation. Many of our projects are low cost and need very little money to continue running. A small monthly donation would help to make these projects sustainable.
  • Raise some funds. If you are undertaking some personal challenge like a marathon or cycle tour then consider raising funds to support our projects.
Volunteers in Thailand Forest on Conservation project
You have to get your hands dirty as a volunteer,
but it is great fun and very rewarding.


Always wanted to volunteer abroad or help on a conservation project? If you can afford your own travel and living costs you may want to consider volunteering with APE. We are always looking for teachers, vets, engineers, zoologists, biologists, builders, fund raisers, marketers or anyone who is prepared to work hard in a great team of people and who is open to new ideas and a new environment. Work is tailored to volunteer's experience and skills, but we encourage you to get involved in all our projects including teaching in schools, basic construction, planting trees, seed collections and community work.
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Donate to APE

If you are interested in supporting APE with a monthly donation or want to give the gift of a carbon absorbing tree this year then contact us.

Tree sponsorship means that you support a seedling at the local Plant Station, from seed collection & growing to planting out and fire prevention in the forest. The best thing is you donít even have to remember to water it as the staff at FORRU will do all the hard work for you! Your tree could become a home for a myriad of wildlife in the forest or help a lonely bird to find a mate as part of a habitat corridor. In return for your hard earned cash, your tree will be tagged with your name, you will receive a certificate, information pack and email updates on the local projects. The proceeds from Tree Sponsorship go to the FORRU Tree Nursery.

Donations to APE can be one-off or can be set up for an affordable monthly amount. Regular monthly donations are especially valuable to APE as they allow us the freedom to plan ahead with the reassurance of constant funding. However much you give and however you choose to do it we thank you from all of the APE team. Your donations allow APE to set up education, community and research programmes, conserve wildlife and habitat, work with local farmers reduce the impact of harmful farming practices on the local ecology. If you would like to become one of our valued supporters please.
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